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resistor caps

Date : Sun, 22 Sep 2002 10:33:33 -0400
To : <virago@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
From : "pcrowley" <pcrowley@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject : resistor caps
Hi all,

Got the "starter fix" for the Virago on ebay last week (Two shims and two
bolts!).  I've been looking it over, and it looks pretty detailed and
functional.  Does anybody have any opinions or info before I proceed?

Also got an "ignition upgrade" which just consists of a couple of inserts to
replace the spark plug cap resistors.  I have heard that the resistor caps
are a necessary component of the electronic ignition system.  Has anyone
eliminated these, or is that something I should leave alone?

Any info would be appreciated.

Paul Crowley
82XV920J Virago
78XS650SE Special
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