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Date : Fri, 21 Sep 2001 16:17:05 -0400
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Subject : RE: CMX and split-field
The CMX EDL does indeed deal with split field EDLs... unfortunately, CMX
does not <at least with Sony decks> perform split field edits (i.e. the IN
edit being on field 1 and the OUT being on field 2 or visa versa).  In other
words, you can program them, you can't perform them.  You can however define
edits to be either field 1 dominant or field 2 dominant on both the in and
the out, and mix those edits in an EDL.  CMX uses the standard method to
define timecode;
        xx:xx:xx.xx    field 1 NON Drop Frame
        xx:xx:xx:xx    field 2 NON Drop Frame
        xx:xx:xx,xx    field 1 Drop Frame
        xx:xx:xx;xx    field 2 Drop Frame

I.e.  lack of the top dot in the final separator indicates field 1, presence
of the top dot indicates field 2, presence of a period in the bottom of the
separator indicates NON Drop frame timecode, and presences of the comma
(dropping below the line ) indicates Drop Frame timecode.  The field
dominance of the edit is defined by the record machine's IN POINT.  And
remember in the _LINEAR_ world, the outpoint is EXCLUSIVE.    So if your IN
point is 01:00:00.00, this field will be the first field of your new shot.
If your In Point is 01:00:00:00, the first frame of your current edit will
be field 2 of frame 00.  Now if your outpoint is 00:00:00.00 the last field
of the current shot (being exclusive) is field 2 of frame 29, and if your
outpoint is 00:00:00:00, the last field of the current edit will be field 1
of frame 00.  For you film and non-linear people, we linear folks were
trained on systems that presume the OUT of your current event and the IN of
your next event are the same number.  Since this frame can only be occupied
by one shot (assuming field one dominance), the number on the OUT point is
NOT included in the material laid down on tape. You are OUT of that shot by
the OUT point.

All that being said, the CMX editor can indeed define mixed field edits,
however, for some reason unbeknownst to me, it won't actually perform them.
It will however perform  field one dominant edits and field 2 dominant edits
all in the same list.  It goes without saying, I hope, that you must enable
field 1/2 editing on your record VTR.

M. Scott Cole

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Pardon my ignorance here... I've searched the archives and couldn't find an
Can a CMX list handle split-field edits? If so, how, and how does it look in
the list?
Lucas Wilson
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